Sooooo, it really wasn’t about a 25 year old.


It’s funny how we can project our emotions, thoughts, and even our dreams onto something, creating a symbol, giving it power. Our faith, whether misguided or misplaced, can remain intact, tenuous as it may be, as long as we continue to believe in those representations. Rings are one of those symbols. It can be the constant reminder of something that burns bright as the sun, or it can become the relic of something that faded years gone by.

She removed hers years ago, because in her mind, that’s not what we were anymore. I still wore mine. There was still symbolism; there was still hope. We were on, just momentarily, different pages. But over years, we drifted into the best of friends, and while I continued to wear mine, as a talisman to the past, I questioned whether this was naivete. Still, I remained stubborn, probably because she did too.

Recently, I went away for a few days, and someone woke me up and made me realize that maybe I deserved better. This person didn’t do anything. It was her mere presence – her peace and her beauty. At the risk of sounding cliche,’ I felt comfortable with her like I haven’t with anyone in a long time. It made me realize that hope for finding that with someone else again wasn’t lost. (No, it wouldn’t be with this one – she’s straight.)

I finally removed the ring that once symbolized eternity, but now is just a band of metal.

So I just want to say thank you. You know who you are. Regardless of how things turn out, you are a light in my periodically dark world.


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