Let it go?!?

The saying goes “ third time’s a charm.” It was with that thought in mind, lying in bed at 4 AM this morning, after only three hours of sleep and dream number three (actually 4, but if you’ve been following along, you know what I mean) that I decided to just, let it go. (Cue Elsa’s sequence here.*) I’m not going to stress about this. I have a feeling I’ll be finding out this weekend how W. feels, when we talk. (She is well aware of EVERYTHING, because she reads these posts.) If this doesn’t bother her, then what’s the point? If there are any issues, then I’ll deal with it then. After all, my natural state of being is over analyzing. No biggie. 

My only concern in taking this attitude is that when I don’t maintain control over things, I could swing to the opposite end of the spectrum. That’s where the name of this blog comes from. I don’t want to devolve into inappropriate humor regarding the situation with whatever it is that my psyche is trying to figure out. That could very well happen. (This is especially important given who it involves.) I think most people who only know certain sides of me assume I don’t have much of a sense of humor or just a self-deprecating one because I don’t think many people would appreciate my very inappropriate one, so I don’t really display much.

That one issue aside, why stop with JUST THIS?!? I’m pretty much going to try letting EVERYTHING go. Every issue that I have posted about up until now. *poof* I like challenges. This is the ultimate challenge. Fuck yeah!! 💪🏼

Let’s see how this works. 😉

– S
*If you watched the movie, Elsa may have “let it go” and embraced her power, but at that point, she still feared embracing the people who loved her, pushing them away. She totally isolated herself. Hmmmm. Probably not the best example to give.

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