Word of the day

She was a debater from another Southern California school. My guess is that she would be considered average in the physical attractiveness area by most guys, but to me, she was seriously hot. (My male debate partner didn’t think much of her in the looks category.) She knew everything from pop culture to world affairs and could shut arguments down like no one else. She walked the fine line between sweet and bitch beautifully, in a way I never could. I think she went on to law school. 

At work, there is an advanced practice nurse in the cardiac unit who I’ve always thought was unconventionally attractive. She’s very smart. We’ve worked together, so I know she’s also someone who doesn’t put up with shitty work. She loves what she does and goes in medical mission trips every year. She’s been single as long as I’ve known her. I have a feeling she might intimidate guys. She’s another one whose intellect I find incredibly attractive; therefore, I find her beautiful. 

Then there’s C. She’s not only very smart, but to those who work for her, she’s inspiring. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve never tired of listening to her talk about work over the years. As she has risen,  whether as an executive, a board member, or CEO, it’s interesting to hear her work through things, particularly because she’s called in to clean up previous leaders’ messes. It’s not often, given that is her role, that the person in that position ends up so well liked. She figures out how to fix the problems with as little disruption as possible and grooms people to become leaders, particularly the young women. 

So I really place a lot of value on a woman’s intellect and drive, more so than physical looks. Someone who can take command of a meeting full of old white dudes will do more for me than someone who turns heads at a party. If I can find both, that’s a happy bonus.  It’s happened. 

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