Impatience leads to grouchiness

Sometimes I let my impatience get the best of me. Tonight was one of those times. I want people to work the way I do. I know others can, so I expect it of everyone of whom I consider in the high intelligence category, like W. (So yes, I’ve made a generalization, a fallacy, I know. And the ones of whom I’m having these expectations are very intelligent.) But for fuck sake, it doesn’t happen. Communication, which is the cheapest fix to almost any problem, is the most difficult to implement, for a variety of reasons. The most likely being we each come from our own frames or experiences. Fixes are slow. Human nature slows down processes. I should know better. I have undergraduate AND graduate degrees in this shit. Maybe I’m not too bright. 

So I need to take a step back, a big deep breath, maybe a Xanax (J/K on that one), and give it a little more time.

(Shifting focus)

And say I’m sorry. You were being supportive, and I was being negative. Even if you don’t think I was an asshole, I feel like I was. I may not love trash, but I do love you. 😊

– S

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